iTunes upgrade – buyer beware!

I have VERY mixed feelings about iTunes – I have MANY MP3s which i have recorded off the web and i find iTunes is great for organizing them.    And i have a broken 30 GB ipod (which they are refusing to replace even though it broke under warranty and the apple care protection plan) and a new 4 GB working Nano.  I will probably get the new 80gb (which is a HUGE bargain for the amount of space).
However, I use TOTAL Recorder and there was a sound card conflict with the new version so it was a VERY rough time earlier this week during my FIRST upgrade to iTunes ver 7.  It took several emails to High Criteria (TR’s vendor) to sort the configurations out.  Apple of course doesn’t reply to emails.  BTW their support discussion forums are going crazy with postings in the tens of thousands just since Tuesday.

They are being very cavalier in the design of this new version.  Absolutely turning their back on other “audio” applications.  Thank goodness that High Criteria is on the ball and had a builtin workaround – which basically tells TR to IGNORE itunes!  HAH take that!

Apple took several days to post a resolution to this issue and to other issues.  What finally worked was to UNINSTALL ALL iTunes products, rename the directories and then install the last good version (6.05) and then AFTER I had read that several others had resolved the TR conflict I anxiously upgraded last night to ver 7.
I think the newer upgrade had more “fixes” in it as I didnt have the same problems but had a new one – no sound.  But after fiddling with a few things including upgrading my Directx drivers (which I think is what did it) and playing with the Audio settings in Quicktime (which REALLY is what controls sound in iTunes – a crappy partnership I think).
However not only did I have that conflict with TR but the initial upgrade corrupted my current Nano and deleted all the data (luckily nothing for which I didnt have a copy) and then poor Nano want being seen in the reinstalled older version.  (It was a very annoying week)
Anyway….i did get iTunes to install and work (so far) and Total Recorder is working too (so far)
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