we remember…



a hard day for any of us New Yorkers.  we all have dearly lost family/friends and our stories – five years later they still resonate. the photo above invokes streaming tears.

a cool very fall like day today in the Hudson Valley.  up at dawn.  55 degrees (yes).  cloudless skies.  a day filled with domesticity – baking bread, cleaning, chores, errands, cooking good food.  watching the bereft spouse and partners bravely proclaiming life swiftly relentlessly surging onwards.

celebrating life with a 2 year old – in sunlight streaming under blue skies, running in a field, exclaiming a fast hopping rabbit, a scurrying groundhog, playing “marching band” – life thru the years of a child restores equilibrium.

May God give our leaders the WISDOM and COURAGE to guide our country and lead the world towards the democratic vision for which our forefathers fought with their lives.


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