Wings of the Moth shawl!

Here is the current work ….started on Saturday night while my sweet NEPHEW was asleep (sister had a babysitting crisis). 


Designed by the EVER Inspirational Anne – check out her blog

Once you get it set up and get to the Fir Cone pattern (which i know WELL from my WIP of the Fir Cone Square Shawl from Cheryl Oberle’s book), then it goes pretty fast… i am already on my second set of needles.  I started on a 16inch and then graduated to these Balene 24 inch.  I LOVE BALENES and forget how good they are when you need a GRABBY needle – i had used Addi Natura bamboo for the 16in.

The yarn is Elann’s Peruvian Baby Silk in the Cornflower color (which they are OUT of … so I hope the yardage is correct – i have 10 balls at 109 yds a ball.  I hope i dont have to visit the Frog Pond at the end of this.

TOO rainy to do any blocking (i have to block outside on the grass and then bring my blocking foamboard inside to dry) and we are supposed to get A HUGE DOWNPOUR today – we already have FOUR inches (by my very scientific rain gauge in my herb garden) Photo later today.

in other news i have been working on ORGANIZING and ORGANIZING and have created a LOVELY database in Access for my books and magazines (not only do i have tons of knitting magazines but gardening as well AND lots of MUSIC scores and books for my other career).  (and lets not forget the mysteries i devour).

and also am getting my WIPS and UFOs in shape.  Took some photos (i only bought my digital camera last fall ) and will be updating soon.  (and found a file with ALL my old FOs in it so i can enter them in my shining new Dbase! )

ok off for a nap (i kinda stayed up late).


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