bizarre thing in the garden


see those brown little mounds of earth? 

anyone have any idea what they are?  they are all over the beds – in various spots thru out the garden.

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3 Responses to bizarre thing in the garden

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi! Just exploring other gardener’s blog sites. I really love to see what others are doing. My veggie garden is winding down.
    I see you have a critter problem. Maybe you can get a trap for the ground hog? He will not give up!!
    I like your herb garden. Herbs were my first interest in gardening. They still are my favorite.


  2. Jodee says:

    Hi Elizabeth! I was listening to a garden show on the radio and they mentioned these things on the mulch which turned out to be a fungus but is not harmful to anything. Just turn it over if it’s offensive to you. I would also get a have a heart trap and get rid of the creature.


  3. sogalitno says:

    thanks for visiting! check out the latest posts – i think (FINGERS and TOES CROSSED) i may have fenced in the problem – we had no luck with the traps!
    Jodee- hi!
    thanks for the info – i think its maybe to do with the earthworms – but it doesnt seem to be hurting anything.
    as for mr ghog – hopefully we have plugged up all the holes – but vigilance will the be watchword here for a while!


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