sigh more damage

so he got at the Statice during the day today .

he had eaten the stalk of one of them during the night/early morning and when i checked at early evening, he had come and eaten the stalk of the other one – and just like the echinaceas/hollyhocks they had JUST gotten big enough to start blooming after the first attack.

no i dont have photos, i am too damn depressed – that’s all the plants in the front of the middle bed.  his own little smorgasbord.

i am almost ready to pull the damn plants out of the ground and give up on that part of the bed but it will look horrid with all that blank space and what can you buy in august to plug up the hole anyway.

but yet

i sprayed the stupid groundhog deterrent spray tonight.

hope springs eternal

or something like that.

(besides i am still trying to find a gun).


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