Knitting is resuming


Evidence of the progress on the Flower Basket Shawl and some indication of what I have been doing in the background.  That’s the newly completed Herb Garden – expanded and finally planted out.  And room for more herbs!! yeah!

here is a full shot – you can see more at my gardening blog (see sidebar for link)


and so now, EXCEPT for my continuing WAR with GROUNDHOGS, le jardin est fini (pour l’ete).  Fall is around the corner and soon it will be time to order bulbs!!! (yeah – never had the space to have any number of bulbs ! cant wait to figure out what to order).

If you read the garden blog you will see that the last three days have been ongoing battles with the GHog from hell = and today i am exhausted from the stress etc and so since its ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS = low humidity and only low 80s, even turned off the AC, i may sit and knit on the patio.  (and plan my next strategy in the war – probably will mean fencing in that back corner in front of the junk pile… but thats another story.)

My cat, Cordeila cant figure out what these are… can you?


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2 Responses to Knitting is resuming

  1. Rachel says:

    grass shears, methinks! I use ’em to trim my monkey grass (liriope) when it goes bye-bye in the winter. If that’s not what they are, I’m sure my neighbors have been very entertained.


  2. sogalitno says:

    yup so they are!
    and i used them today – they are funky, made in italy, and really sharp.
    i sheared around the bottom of the bird bath (photos tomorrow on the garden blog).
    how’s the baby?


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