He’s back…

So here is the fence i put up late Sunday afternoon…


. and notice that the third plant is now eaten away by my enemy – mr g.


What happened on SUNDAY afternoon – I went inside at one point – around 2ish to change my music selection (i have a wireless speaker outside on the patio) and as I came back out – there at the back of the yard by the bird feeder was the ENEMY!  I didn’t have my camera and was too shocked to move – he was just waddling along the back of the back big bed by the rose tutuer.

I finally found my voice and started yelling and running towards him -and he took off over to the fence and ….

CLIMBED UP THE WIRE FENCE and over to the brush pile and disappeared.

To say I was dumbfounded and depressed is an understatement – what a STUPID FOOL i was to not see that i was almost issuing an engraved invitation to him to come in and eat whatever .

I also saw that it is a different g-hog from the one earlier this summer – its a bit smaller and younger. 

ARGH is all i can put here – you really dont want to hear the things I was calling it and me the rest of the day.

So I have decided I am going to have to invest in a fence.  I have researched a bit and since the gap is about 6–7 feet, i can get by with one panel (they are 6 x 8 ) and that wont be too expensive.  But now to figure out how to install it.


but hopefully then this particular battle will be over

(and yes, i know i need to bury wire fencing under the regular fence so he doesn’t tunnel thru.  maybe NEXT year I can have some hollyhocks and echinacea )

oh and BTW he came back DURING THE DAY today after eating the hollyhocks this morning and ATE a complete STATICE to the ground.

sigh (i need a gun).



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