Mr Groundhog strikes again … and again…

Yesterday morning after over a MONTH of no sign of Mr G.  YEP, two hollyhock stalks eaten and one echinacea plant eaten.


After searching i discovered he had figured out a way to get under the wire fence along the back left corner– actually i am surprised that it took so long, for upon closer examination I realized it was not very secure.

So with the temps at 85/60% humidity, I hauled TWO HEAVY wheelbarrows of rocks from the construction site (thank goodness for it) and re-secured the fence.  Working well into the dark evening and making sure all was heavy and couldn't be moved, also put extra two foot lengths of wire attached at the bottom burying it under the mulch and the rocks.




and so to bed exhausted and tired.

HORREUR this morning – THREE LOVELY echinacea plants that had spent the month recovering from his FIRST attempts – all 5 inch long leaves – ALL GONE and MORE Hollyhocks eaten.



I am sobbing – i have wanted to grow HOLLYHOCKS for my entire life – and these had JUST recovered from his vicious attacks from June – i am so upset and angry and bitter.

And yet I found that the end of the fence – which I had not re-secured from the first time it went up – he clawed at it and went in and out that way this morning.  Actually in the other shots above, you can’t see because of the sun where he tried to get out, he must of been scared off  – because that was one of the egresses of yesterday.  So he went out the other end which is where he had come in this morning.


In this photo, I have replaced the rocks which had been moved out of the way.  You can see the wire fencing curled up at the edge where he tunnelled under it. 

SO another trip to the site and another bout of securing the fence – although this time ALL this fence will now be secured.  (I remember some HUGE chunks of concrete that I think I will get for this end and then cover them with mulch)

I feel as if I will NEVER see echinacea and hollyhocks – and right now i feel like tilling over the whole damn yard or getting up early and SHOOTING the FRIGGING THING. 

anyone got a gun?

off in tears and anger to rebuild fences. G$D help me.

On the other hand, here’s a shot of what is the ‘planned’ project for today and tomorrow – redoing the herb garden


Late last night (in the dark) i had the sudden idea to reposition the fence to the outside edge of the area – I really need more space and this allows one to walk inside the fence without jumping up and down.  I had originally planned a little pathway of the gravel but in rethinking it – all the hard work must have stimulated something – I had this idea.  So in the dark, well, I have one small lamp hanging from the kitchen doorway roof, I rearranged the fencing and move the pots. 

My test when I am doing some new design is to leave the space for awhile and then come back in and see how it feels – and this morning – of course not seeing it in the light last night anyway – I really like the way it looks.  Much more like an herb garden and not a little squeezed area. 

And one of the fence panels is slightly broken so I may fashion a little gate – if I get ambitious. 

So need to alight and set in he fence and move the boxwoods over to the sides and then plant the herbs – of course I also need a pot for the Bay Laurel (so I can bring it in in the winter) and some more 6 inch pots – aw shucks another trip to the local nursery!)  Its supposed to be pretty good weather today and tomorrow – mid 80s and low humidity – good gardening weather after this past Heat Wave and maybe this will keep my mind off MR.G

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