VOX schedule Wed-Fri (XM Satellite)

Wednesday Special (begins noon eastern, 9 am Pacific; repeat Saturday noon and Tuesday 6 pm eastern, 3 pm Pacific )–By popular demand, a repeat of last fall’s performance from WFMT & the EBU of Rameau’s Les Indes Galantes –and the “Brazilian national opera,” Il Guarany,  featuring Placido Domingo.

Wednesday Evensong Special (8:03 pm eastern, August 2nd, 2006, 5:03 pm Pacific; repeats Sat. 8:03 am, 5:03 am Pacific):

The Vocal Scene with George Jellinek: “The Songs of Tchaikovsky”

On Wings of Song (PREMIERE—8:58)—From the Marilyn Horne Foundation, a celebration of the art song and the young singers who aspire to be the next generation of interpreters—this week, Jessica Jones.

Millennium of Music (9:56) “Paradiso Armonico”—The Italian influence on the evolution of 17th century music in the Lowlands. (Also at 10:22—John Rutter’s Mass of the Children). 

Wagner Thursdays (begins noon eastern, 9 am Pacific Aug. 3rd–SPECIAL REPEAT Saturday at 6 pm, 3 pm Pacific)—A reprise of the first of our Birgit Nilsson tribute specials–the Georg Bohm/Bayreuth Tristan und Isolde,  plus another Richard Strauss, the famous performance of Salome.

Vox Populi  (begins noon eastern, 9 am Pacific)—Additional time—the Great Experiment!

From Robert Aubry Davis, Program Director, VOX



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