ok call me fickle…

I wrote just a few days ago about some organizing software that I had purchased… after installing it and trying it,  i realized its not really what i wanted.  I have a HUGE list of my inventory in an excel spreadsheet and really didn't want to re-input ALL that information.  (I like to be efficient but avoid double-work if I can at all possible).

so I searched again and found Needletrax  It looked to be just the thing.  So I ordered it …. and then, of course, while searching for something else on my external hard drive – found a directory with the files - and remembered that I HAD bought a copy awhile ago but the CD is nowhere to be found!

The lovely creator of the product, Mary, has graciously offered to send me a replacement cd for a lower price ! Such Great Customer Service!  (Naturally  – just what I would expect from another Southerner!)

VOILA!  its just what I want!    It allows IMPORTING! and EXPORTING!  yeah – for when I get a new palm to replace my old dead one, then I can carry an updated list with me!  A truly well done product!

I will have to tweak that excel file but NO PROBLEM  – no hours and hours of redoing what I have done before!  And since the weather is predicted to be in the 90’s for the next WEEK, I will be busy indoors!

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