New ‘Ring’ Cycle Premieres – the first reports are in

By MIKE SILVERMAN, Associated Press Writer
Thursday, July 27, 2006
(07-27) 08:33 PDT BAYREUTH, Germany (AP) —

Next time you’re crossing a highway overpass or heading down to the basement, look carefully around you: Gods, giants, dwarves and other mythological creatures may be playing out their age-old struggles in your midst.

That seems to be the concept behind the new production of Richard Wagner’s four-part “Ring” cycle, the first installment of which premiered Wednesday night at the Festspielhaus.

In Dorst’s “Ring,” as the characters act out their ancient story, a sprinkling of figures from modern life wander through the action, invisible to the gods and mostly oblivious to the events around them.

The opening scene is set among large stones at the bottom of the Rhine, while overhead the surface of the water is visible, with video projections of a naked woman swimming.

But it’s a curiously static scene. The Rhinemaidens themselves barely move, nor does Alberich chase after them or even run off after he’s seized the gold.

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