knitting and gardening

my knitting has been a bit sporadic this summer because i am putting in new garden in my half of the backyard of the house where i live (its a fourplex – two up, two down).  its been a lot of work and a challenge but now that the hardscaping and landscaping are done and the plants are almost all in (dont laugh, i know its almost the end of july), i can start to turn back to knitting.

of course there was the lovely interlude when i went to Meg Swansen’s Knitting Camp (which you can read about below).  but i find that i am so tired at night that by the time i shower and eat, i collapse on the sofa and fall asleep.

but this past weekend, it RAINED (boy did it rain – my rain gauge said 3 inches! over two days!).  i was momentarily distracted by the crash of my computer and spent most of Fri and Sat putting together a new/old computer (an old cpu and a new monitor i had to buy on Friday  – it was the laptop that crashed and i lost the last three months of emails – PLEASE backup anything you think is important – i hadnt run a backup since mid april – oh woe is me).

[take a rest after that runon sentence]

so by sat night after installing all the sofware i use normally (and now all the cds and reg keys, etc are in ONE box for the next (not soon hopefully) time) i had to do something creative (yes even though i am a major geek).

So i pulled out an old WIP that has been sitting in my EZ bag (actually mine is green – it was given to me by my mom several years ago – maybe it was one of the first batch?)

anyway, its been hanging on the lower door knob of the armoire in my den so i can see it from the sofa where i relax and watch tv, etc.

this is the one offered currently by Meg at Schoolhouse Press


Here is mine… i may have to order the red one (i LOVE red) to keep my green one company. (cant have TOO many knitting bags now can we?)


So anyway, what was in the bag for the last … hmm, i dont even know … months is the beginning of the Fir Cone Square Shawl from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls book.  I had started this – hmm, i dont even remember – at least last year – maybe longer in Inca Alpaca (Classic Elite) in a gorgeous darkish blue color . 

IMG_0443 Here it is spread out on my table over a box (of sweater bags if you must know).

You knit the center square first and then pick up stitches all around and knit the first lace.

So i have about four rows left of the center and then i get to pick up.  of course i have to find the yarn as the current ball ran out – and  as this is put up in skeins that means some ball winding.

oh well, maybe i wont work on this tonight.




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