Staying in touch after Knitting Camp

Last week at this time I had finished my FIRST day of Knitting Camp – well the class part at least.  (Knitters hung out at night and in the afternoon to knit and chat – HEAVEN).  So this weekend as I go thru the days, I am constantly stopping and saying – “Last week at this time, Meg was saying” or “Last week at this time, we were…” 

Luckily, with the world of the internet and emails, I don’t have to feel too sad – our group from Camp 1 of this year have started a Yahoo Group to keep in touch – 

It was a suggestion of mine  – I love blogs and email groups and belong to a bunch of knitting email groups – and we had such a grand group of gals that I thought some of them might want to keep in touch.  Anyway, its exciting that over HALF of the camp participants have joined!  There are even two photo albums up already with photos from camp!  So while I wish I were at the next three camps (they continue thru the end of July ) I can look at the photos and remember the grand times and laughter and great teachers we were fortunate to have experienced.

The group is open to anyone who has attended any Camp session – so spread the word!  I hope it will provide a forum for continued discussion about the wonderful designs and teachings of Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen (her daughter who is carrying on EZ’s work).

BTW – if you don’t know already – Meg has a website for the mailorder business that Elizabeth started. Visit it – there is a world of wonderful books and FABulous yarns to explore! 

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2 Responses to Staying in touch after Knitting Camp

  1. Pat DeLeeuw says:

    I too was really worried about my meager knitting abilities(which were confirmed during show and tell) but found everyone very accepting about all of our various levels so I ended up learning a lot and having a wonderful time. I can’t decide if I want to go to 1 again next year or if I want to go on to 2. Wish I could do both!!


  2. Pat DeLeeuw says:

    If you finished that shawl–you are a great knitter!!! The cabled shrug you are working on was actually in our knit shop(The Yarn Garden) in Charlotte for the Interweave trunk show. It is even more beautiful in person. It was made in cashmere.


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