Fair Isle!

One of my goals for Knitting Camp was to learn Fair Isle knitting – I had tried on my own several years ago and it was a disaster – probably cause I need to see a technique – once I am shown something I pretty much can get it.

I am happy to report that I was successful!  Here are photos of my Second Fair Isle project – a pillbox hat of my own design based on Meg Swansen’s basic pattern (which of course comes with a plethora of choices)…. be kind!

The Hat (how do they shoot photos of these?)

2nd FI Hat001


A view from the top

2nd FI Hat002

And now the lovely pattern.

2nd FI Hat003

I have started another one – I am going to make about 10 I think to really get this down.  Thank goodness I have a large family.  (Just wait until I conquer socks!)

 Already my knitting is feeling better – my tension seems to be more consistent on this hat and I didn't have to rip too many rows – only once really – to correct a pattern booboo.

My heartfelt thanks to the “Gals in the Corner” of our table who speared me on with my first FI Project – i dont think that hat will ever be shown in public ; as Meg said, “Its an Archival object “  – and answered my endless questions. 

I was so frustrated after the first day that I had nightmares that night about Fair Isle and woke up singing… “Me and my Fair Isle” to the tune of “Me and my Shadow”.    Truly I was mad! 

But now I am obsessed – luckily I bought a bit of yarn (no, not TOO much) and this is the Bartlett yarn that was on sale (thank goodness) so i have a bit to use (only one or two of a color) .

Of course the goal is a Fair Isle cardigan.  (that’s a ways away for now).


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  1. keri says:

    Very pretty! I love the colors and design =)


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