Creating the Garden

And so we begin….


go to the photo album to see the whole story of today – Memorial Day 2006 in which I created beds where there were previously "who knows what" – ivy, vines, weeds, grass, you name it. 

tomorrow we turn the beds – they are FULLLLLL of roots and vines… ivy and grass – ugh – its going to be a long hard day.

and i am placing my order FINALLY with Graceful Gardens – tonight before I pass out – and then calling them in the morning.

hopefully my yard guy (nephew of my sister's nanny ) will show up – although i havent heard from him yet tonight.  and he baled on me today. 

i have three stumps that need to be dug up (you can see them in the photos) and then there are two stumps in the front of the house in barrels that need digging up – sigh.

and there still is no water – i will have to get an adapter to let my hose attach to the sink – i am ordering several hundred plants (yes) and will NOT carry buckets out from the house to the yard – NO. F>>>>>. WAY.

ok. i am hot (its 80 degrees in the apt) and exhausted – but a GOOD days work was done on the beginning of the garden.

more when i am more coherent.

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1 Response to Creating the Garden

  1. Vicki says:

    It’s been a few years since I’ve done anything quite that ambitious. Such an improvement in one day!!! It’ll be fun to watch as it develops. I love my gardens and they provide such wonderful opportunities for photographing… flowers, foliage, yarn…


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