Friday’s mail


Do you see what I see?


YES it is THE LETTER!!!!


Tears flowed.  Cats ran from the room (they are not sure what’s up when the human emits water).  Exclamations of joy were uttered.

Going to Knitting Camp is a VERY GOOD THING and is very needed right about now.   Even Martha would approve (i am sure).

And a call was made – Lovely Eleanor at that mecca, Schoolhouse Press, graciously ignored my blurbing on and on – apparently they are used to knitting fools at this time of year. 

[I already got accepted so I can make a fool of myself now ]

[and there is a little time to calm down   … its not til the beginning of July.] 

Now to check out travel – from my little village on the Hudson to the middle of Wisconsin.

Oh dear!

And there’s homework! 

What fun!

And the countdown begins…

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2 Responses to WAITING OVER!

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh, how I would love to go to a Knitting Camp! That sounds like just the kind of retreat I need. Congratulations and have fun! (BTW, came across your blog via TypePad’s home page – I like it very much!)


  2. sogalitno says:

    thanks! i love doing this blog. Knitters Camp (check out the website) is something i have wanted to do for years and finally! i cant wait! save your pennies for next year!


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