Warming Grace

From Cynthia at Two Wooden Sticks and a Ball of Wool
It started as a project for a pink blanket for her niece but has grown to blankets for any of the kids in the cancer ward. (read about it at her website).

Recap below. more details at the website – see the button on my sidebar ========>

– any colour square. 5" squares, any pattern, in 100% soft cotton or wool. If you have already committed to making pink squares please do – NO square will be turned away.

-The Warming Grace Project will be open ended; that is as long as Cynthia receives squares she will make blankets for the little tykes at Alberta's Childrens Hospital Oncology Wing.

– Please email cynicked@sympatico.ca if you would like to sign up. Make sure that you have an email address

– Any squares received by or on May 4 are eligible for the draw. You will be entered the same number of times as squares sent.

Since i am having a colonoscopy tomorrow, knitting squares is helping me get thru this painful prep day… ugh.

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