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I spent the afternoon redoing and updating and generally cleaning up my blogs.  This one and my other one (about my other life – music and etc).  It feels good to get them all in order.  something i have been meaning to do for awhile.  and today i was listening to PARSIFAL (a wonderful recording by Rafael Kubelik which was webcast by a german radio station) and was pretty much enthralled and planted at my laptop listening to it (almost five hours)….so hence the computer work.

-Added an album of my wips with progress and info for each
-Started an album of finished objects (need to take photos of those items i still have and try to get digital photos from my recipients)
-Cleaned up posts adding categories etc
-Cleaned up lists and links

Progress report on WIPS

The baby shawl is growing and is reaching the point where it may be time to stop the first lace border pattern and figure out an edging.  As with all lace its a bit of a mess and hard to spread out as its on a circular needle (60") and to take it off would be a HUGE pain – i dont' even KNOW – or WANT to know – how many stitches i have by now – but its hundreds.   

And there may be a crisis coming as I may be running out of yarn – even though I ordered a ten bag pack from Elann a month ago for this and thought it would be enough.

And also did a bit of cleaning up of the hard drive and documents and patterns – moving them to one folder and organizing in categories.  Since I finally bought a printer (a really nice one – CANON PIXMA iP4200 Computer and Photo Printer ) and its great to finally have a printer at home (my last one broke over two years ago – dont ask me why it took so long to buy another one).

[At the same time, I also bought a vacuum cleaner – it was recommended by Consumer Reports  – HOOVER U5262-910 EmPower Upright Bagless Vacuum -  A bagless upright vacuum with a folding handle for extra storage space / Hush Mode for quiet cleaning / No Assembly Required / Coral Orange

  Havent used it yet – I will be trying it out probably tomorrow.  (the side effect of my CFS is that somethings can seem overwhelming and it takes awhile to get the energy to deal with them – like figuring out something new).

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