snow and domesticity

yesterday was beautifully scary – my cats were incredibly amazed – glued to the windows – there are quite a few here – and staring at the white stuff – i don’t think they have seen this much snow ever!

my backyard looks like a fairy land – i had cleaned up the patio on Saturday in anticipation of the storm.  well, kinda moved things around in smaller piles and raked the leaves. cleared off the table of all the pieces of leftover wood from our various carpentry projects of the fall – saving them for blocks for my nephews to play with when it gets warmer – put safely in a heavy plastic bag.  and closed all the folding lawn chairs up and leaned them against the kitchen wall.

moved the last boxes out of the music room down to the basement – now i just have to figure out where to hang all my pictures and where to put all the hooked rugs.  still have to finish unpacking the study and the katchkas but i hung lace curtains over the kitchen sink window yesterday and with the white out in the yard  – its very pretty. 

today i am at home dealing with the latest in the household drama – forget not having a porch light to come home to at 930 at night when i get off work, and a front door lock that works half time, today i get to wait for the plumber all day – i don’t trust my landlord any more… sigh.

off to hem some lace for curtains for the two hall windows- at least my windows can look pretty if i don’t (no hot water and what’s coming out is ORANGE!).   

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