Life goes on in London and NY

Poppies on the Mall

Telegraph | News | We will remember them

Ironic isn’t it that the terrorist attack took place between two celebratory events for England?  Winning the Olympics 2012 location and then the commemorative celebrations of the end of WWII.

Life does indeed go on – even with the juxtaposition of horror with a commitment to the future and a memorial to the past.

Not much knitting this weekend between the terrorist aftermath and the pre-show jitters for Dennis – even though we don’t have our house on Santa Rosa Island anymore, I still am pulled into the watching and waiting and wallowing in the constant broadcasting.  Now that it is over and there is a LOT less damage than feared, we can resume our regularly scheduled knititng.   Also spent much time this past weekend revamping and continuing to refine my blogs – and rediscovered Blogjet (Yahoo!) which will make blogging SO MUCH EASIER!!!!  Thank you Blogjet (am I the last person to find it..?)

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