Morse, Mozart and Mystery

three of my favorite things together – how can this not be a good thing?

if you are a fan of Mozart and especially of DIE ZAUBERFLOTE (the hot music topic in nyc right now) and love an intellectually stimulating mystery – and the quirkiness of a curmugdeonly british dectective – rent INSPECTOR MORSE – THE MASONIC MYSTERIES.


its a wonderful story based around and using elements of ZAUBERFLOTE. the main character of this made-for-tv only episode, Chief Inspector Morse, is a classical music fanatic, especially of opera. in this plot, Morse himself becomes the primary suspect of a fellow female chorus member during rehearsals for a community production of ZAUBERFLOTE. its filled with persecution and pyrotechnics and plot twists, but in the end, Morse gets his man – but alas, has lost the lady (par for the course for him).

if you are a lover of well written and executed tv mysteries of the british variety – seek this out. and the others in the tv series as well – some of the best british mystery tv production ever imnsho. unfortunately for the many Morse fans, Dexter ‘killed’ off his lead character in ‘The Remorseful Day’; and tragically shortly after, John Thaw, the actor who brillantly inhabited the Morse character, died.

Dexter has been quoted as saying that after the filming of the series from his books had started, he found characteristics from Thaw’s performances creeping into his new books. John Thaw had worked in British tv for many years (The BILL) and theatre, but it was with his portrayal of Morse that he found his fame as an actor. The other series he is beloved for is Kavanagh QC (it was in production at the time of his death).

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