I Cord and Buttons

So I finally finished the Aran Blanket patterns; arrived at a place where the main heart cable ended and I could start the border (seed stitch).  Finished that and then started on the Icord edge.  This is for my nephew, and he is four, so no fringe for this blanket but still wanted to give it a finished edge.

It went fine – Icorded all along the live edge (last row) and the up the length and to the top and a little way thru the side.  and then to bed.

When I had reached the short side (the top of the blanket) I had decided to skip every third stitch or so to keep the edge from flaring. …. well it was a Great Idea BUT I had not done that on the first short edge (the cast off edge).  Great Ideas come in the night but well, sometimes they come late.

So this morning looking at the blanket – ARGH the cast off edge REALLY flared out. So RIP RIP RIP and now the edge is on a circ and I will try again tonight.

In other news, here is the Tomtem in its finished glory:

well, almost – I need to swap the buttons.  And may change them again – to Green. 

Here are the first (well not the first but one of the several sets) and then another one I unvented.


I like the blue ones better (they are my own design).  And maybe will do them in Green and see use them instead.  For contrast and "design" esthetics you know?

and a bonus shot for you…

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