joy creeps up

Comteam feeling happy – yeah, even joyful. because I am in love with my new Mozart sonata – well, its not new but you know what I mean. 

since my restart, I have been struggling with the return of the technique – but lately it seems to be purring along – still after xx number of years it will be awhile before i get back to stuff – or get my chops back as pianists/musicians say.

the long practice of working on a number of pieces from different “periods” is so ingrained that I have been feeling adrift on the musical ocean without these four/five pieces to anchor me. 

The Bach was easy – Partita #2.  Had wanted to work on it for ages – and it was a good thing to start back with – all that contrapuntal activity and so forth.  really good for my fingers.  At this point the first two movts are in great shape, the next two medium and the last two in the note learning phase. 

I am restless and need a lot of variety in my music.

Mozart or Beethoven was the next decision – but to be honest I want to wait a little for LvB – I feel like a good Mozart sonata is right for now.  There are so many LvB sonatas that I need to work on and will but for now a little Mozart is healthy for the technique.  I had been dallying with a few and finally today after a bit of warmup sat and read thru about a half dozen and came back to this great c minor one.  The Andante movt is incredible – a whole country in itself.  And the other two movts are wonderful too. 

so thats done.

and so on to the next group – I am leaning to a Schubert sonata…. and some Chopin of course – would love a ballade but maybe not just yet.  Am working on the Op 25 etudes for now that will do.

Have been working thru the Schubert Impromtus but really want something a bit more substantial and working thru the arch of a sonata – there’s not much that can beat that.

ok back to the keys


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