monday update

ACK how did it get to be Dec 4th?


well, its been a busy few weeks – several family members came for two weeks around Thanksgiving – not staying with me as i have a really small apt with no guest rooms.  But the daily schedule was all family all the time.   (see my main blog for more about that)

Work on Ariann slowed to a halt due to lack of yarn – i ran out right after joining the sleeves – but found what i needed on Ebay .  It came at the end of last week.  So I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday afternoon and evening working to finish Ariann – got to the end of the collar but was so sleepy that I didnt want to screw up the cast off .  Well do it tonight and then block.

here’s Ariann when I ran out of yarn


another FO – A lace poncho for a sister (that’s her modelling it) in my mom’s Hudson Valley pied-a-terre apt.  Here’s the back where you can see the lace patterns.


and a shot of the front.


i finally sat down and read thru the Winter INTERWEAVE KNITS – i had been saving it – of course there are quite a few items I am interested in…

NANTUCKET  – LOVE this pattern!


Shirley Paden’s Coat

   and these  

especially necessary since i keep my apt at 60 degrees (or lower) to save on my gas bill  COLD ?  i just pile on another sweater! or sit next to newest toy and FAVORITE appliance !

well, time to mash my potatoes – sausage and garlic mashed potatoes for supper tonight (piano practicing makes me hungry!) and then knitting to WATERLOO BRIDGE and BABY FACE on TCM (Saturday night was ALL Frank CAPRA all NIGHT – it was WONDERFUL)



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